Menu Bar

The menu bar helps to navigate through the functions of LimouRATE. It can be folded in and out as required.

Icon descriptions

Opens the starting page   

Rate tables
Opens the list of rate tables
Read more about rate tables

Opens the rate calculator

Opens a list with all LimouRATE users.

Network usage
Opens an overview of processed calculations based on your „My Share“ rate table.

Travel times / Fixed routes
Opens a list of routes with fixed distances and travel times.
Read more about travel times / fixed routes

Opens a list of stored exchange rates
Read more about currencies

Opens the list of vehicle categories
Read more about vehicle categories

Volume Plans
See and edit your LimouRATE Volume Plan

Payment data
Enter credit card details
Read more

Master Data
Enter or edit company data
Read more about Master Data

Opens a list of stored vehicles.

Opens a list of stored staff data
Read more about company profile

Change Password
Click to change user password.