First steps with LimouRATE

1. Create your account

Follow this link:

Click „Registration“

Please enter your company data:

  • Company name
  • Street and house number
  • ZIP Code
  • City
  • Country
  • E-mail
  • Phone number
  • Password
  • Tax number (VAT-ID for EU companies)

Please confirm the privacy policy and the T&C and the liability disclaimer.

Please click the „Register“ button to complete the registration process.

After successful registration you will receive an e-mail with a confirmation link.

Please confirm the registration by following the link.

Call up the LimouRATE login page:

Enter your e-mail address and password and click on the „Login“ button.

2. Menu Bar

Please use the menu bar at the left side for navigation through the following system settings.

Get more informations about the menu bar.

3. Master Data

Click on the „Master Data“ button, supplement your master data and enter a contact person.

Google Maps API Key
LimouRATE uses the services of Google Maps for the calculation of distances and times as well as for the query of geocoordinates via an interface (API).
These services are generally not free of charge. At the time of writing this documentation, Google grants a monthly allowance of USD 200.00 per account. Only if a large number of calculations are performed will this allowance be exceeded and Google will charge the credit card.

To create a Google key, a Google Account is neeeded. If you do not have a Google Account please follow this link to read a documention how to create a Google Account.

Once a Google Account is available please follow this link to see the description how to create a Google Key for the usage of the Google Maps API.

Please enter the Google Maps API Key at the dedicated „Google-Key“ field.

If you are a GNet-Member, please enter your GRiDD-ID at this field

If you are no GNet-Member but using one of the connected systems

  • Limo Anywhere
  • Livery Coach
  • Fasttrak
  • Hudson
  • LimouERP, LimouWEB, LimouSOLUTION

we recommend to create an account at GNet!

The LimouRATE-ID serves the unique identification of your account and is assigned by the system.

Click on „Save“ button at bottom right!

4. Vehicle Categories

Names of vehicle categories can be very different from country to country or  even from company to company.
This function „translates“ different names to a uniqe code.

A Mercedes E-Class in Germany often is named as a „Business Class Limousine“. In the US „Business Class Sedan“ might be used to describe this vehicle category.

In LimouRATE, „SEDAN“ is the identifier for this category. Every user is invited to assign his wanted descripition for this vehicle category.

Please click this icon to edit vehicle categories.

Please enter the category descriptions you want to use in your system and also in your rate tables.

In the rate tables only categories with an entry in the column „Own Category“ are considered.

To edit the data please click at the pencil icon:

Don´t forget to confirm your changes by clicking the „Save“ button!

5. Currencies

Please click this icon to edit currency settings.

This function allows you to convert rates into other currencies.
Assign the value 1 to your home currency (e.g. USD for US users).

Use the the pencil icon to enter the wanted values for several currencies

The exchange rates for the different currencies are used when you calculate an affiliates’s rate and their rate table is created in a different currency.
In this case, the system translates the affiliates’s price into your home currency.

An user of LimouRATE located in the USA (USD) calculates the rate for a trip in Paris, France (EUR).
The rate table of the affiliate in France was created in EUR, his home currency.
The rate for the requested trip is 100.00 EUR.
The LimouRATE of the US user converts this rate into USD on the basis of the stored exchange rate.
In this example: 1 USD = 0.92 EUR.

The rate for the requested trip in USD is 108.70 USD

6. Payment Data

Please deposit credit card details: 

  • to extend the amount of free quote calculations in Volume Plan „FREE“ from 30 to 40 per month
  • to select Volume Plan  90, 270 or 350

Important Information!

The number of free calculations of affiliates based on the rate table you shared into LimouRATE (farming in) is unlimited in all Volume Plans.

The mentioned number of rate calculations in the Volume Plans refers to calculations based on the rate tables shared by other LimouRATE users (farming out).
Chargeable actions only occur if you use the marked „Calculate“ button or send rate requests directly to the LimouRATE server via an API.

Please click this menu bar icon.

Please enter credit card details.

These credit card details are NOT stored on our own servers for security reasons.
When you enter this data, you store it directly in the system of the service provider SIX Payment / Worldline. 2S can charge your credit card in this way, but does not know the complete card data.

Click on „Next“ button.



You will receive a message that your credit card has been successfully created.

7. Congratulation! The main settings are done!

Very welcome in the world of LimouRATE!

Depending on the desired use case, these are the next steps.

Farming in / Sharing rate tables

Farming out / Requesting rates

  • Ask your affiliates to share their rates