Create a Google Maps API Key

Why do I need a Google Maps API key?

LimouRATE uses data from Google Maps for the following services:

  • Autocompletion of addresses
  • Geocoding of addresses
  • Calculation of distances
  • Calculation of trip durations
  • Geofencing

The retrieval of this data is done via an API (Application Programming Interface) directly from a Google server.
Google identifies the user of this service via the API Key. If charges are incurred for use, these are settled via the billing account stored on the API Key.


In principle, these services from Google are not free of charge.

However, at the time of writing this documentation, Google offers a starting credit of USD 300 for the first 12 months of use.
After this time or if the credit is used up, the account must be activated (upgrade).
Currently, Google grants queries worth USD 200,- per month for each account without charge. In our experience, this allowance is sufficient for most companies.
The costs for queries via Google Maps API can be found here:

Google Maps Platform Pricing
LimouRATE uses „Places“ and „Routes“

Travel times / Fixed Routes

Create a google account

To create a Google Maps API a Google account is needed.
If you already have a Google account please skip to the next item.

If you do not have a Google account please follow THIS LINK to see a documentation.


Create a billing account and a project

Please follow the instructions in this video to create a billing account and a project for the usage of the Google Maps API.

To start at the same place as the lady in video, please follow this link:
And click on one of the „Get started for free“ buttons.

Enable Google Maps Platform APIs

The following video describes how to enable the required APIs.
To use LimouRATE you need the following APIs:

  1. Directions API
  2. Distance Matrix API
  3. Geocoding API
  4. Places API
  5. Time Zone API
  6. Maps Embed API

You do not need SDKs to use LimouRATE!

Generate a Google Maps API Key

Please follow the instructions in the following video until minute 1:15 to create a Google Maps API Key.
At this place at the process please use the red bordered icon to save the API key to the clipboard.

At this point of the process, it is not necessary to enter restrictions. More informations according to restrictions will follow soon. 

Save API Key at LimouRATE Master Data

Please paste (Ctrl + V) the API Key from the clipboard to the field „Google Key“ at the LimouRATE Master Data.

Please follow this link back to „First Steps“ at